Facta Non Verba

Deeds Not Words

Winterton Pre-Primary School

Mission and Vision Statement


Our mission is to inculcate Gospel values while developing a sensitivity to and understanding of different cultures and religions. We will endeavour to nurture a sense of self-worth and create an environment where full potential may be reached. Our school will strive to provide skills to cope with the challenges of life and foster the importance of family and community.


Our vision is to provide a school where children will develop independence, self-confidence, self- discipline and self-motivation. An environment where children will experience a joy of learning and the ability to solve problems responsibly. At Winterton Pre-Primary School we aim to create an environment where we nurture and develop an individual and independent child. We pay attention to all areas of a child’s development namely; physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.


We endeavour to equip children with the skills that they need to embrace life with all of its challenges and to this end we encourage creative and divergent thinking.


Winterton Pre-Primary School employs a staff of caring, competent and enthusiastic people who are accountable to all children, parents and the Education Department. We strive to develop children who are confident and caring.  We hope to develop children who will make a meaningful contribution to the wider South African community.


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