Facta Non Verba

Deeds Not Words

On alternate years, Winterton Primary School puts on a production involving all learners from grade 1 to grade 7.  The production exposes learners to the world of The Arts - drama, body movement, dancing, singing, acting, and playing musical instruments.  Parents and staff come together to create beautiful sets, decor and costumes that make each child come alive in their character.


The production takes place in the third term, and programmes and DVDs are sold to those who like to hold onto school memories.   This year, our production is based on the classic, "The Sound of Music", and is called "Edelweiss".


We know that we will get the full support of our parents and community, and we welcome all guests who would like to share in the excitement of our little world of theatre.

Produced & Directed by:

Shannon Nicolas

© Winterton Primary School 2016