Facta Non Verba

Deeds Not Words

Ball Skills

Winterton Primary School offers Ball Skill lessons to grade 1 & 2 learners from 13:00 – 14:00 on the WPS field. More recently the learners from Winterton Pre-Primary School were also included.  In the years since its implementation, we have clearly seen the benefits to our learners as they progress in their various sports disciplines. These lessons incorporate important physical, mental and fun activities, including colours, fitness (cone activities, agility ladders, speed hurdles and running), counting, concentration skills, group participation and the various skills for whichever mini-sport is being played during the term. These lessons are highly anticipated and enjoyed by the learners.


The sports uniform that must be worn is as follows:

WPS navy blue sport shirt, WPS navy shorts/skort, plain white ankle length socks and sport shoes

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